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Hi, I'm Patrick.

Welcome to my world.

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Patrick Wolfert grew up in Keizer, Oregon in a house full of computers. As a child, he loved to draw pictures and write stories. As a lad, he began to act and sing and make movies. Patrick loved storytelling in all forms and liked to make people laugh and drag them along into fun and adventure. His own adventure started in middle school when he was introduced to web design and was tasked with making a digital choose-your-own-adventure story. Being given the power to create such accessible interactive stories was empowering for the young Oregonian boy. He could not forget that feeling of wonder and delight he felt when someone wandered into a world he himself had built.

On the front end of his high-school years, he delved into game development, adding programming, 3D modeling, and digital art to his list of skills and found them to be wonderful forms of expression that exercised a fairly broad section of creativity as a collection. Though he knew he wouldn't find in these media alone the fulfillment of all his creative longings, he decided to go to Oregon State University to study computer science with a focus on simulation and game development. During his college years, he tried his hand at several start-up business ideas before finding one that would last more than a year.

After he graduated university and got married, he and his wife moved to London, where he worked on physics simulations while running his business and practicing parkour on the weekends. They have since moved back to Oregon and are expecting a baby girl, whose arrival will mark a new chapter in their lives.

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OpenStax Simulations

x OpenStax Simulations

In 2014, I was contracted by OpenStax College to create interactive simulations for their free and open source textbooks. It was a two-year project where I recreated around thirty simulations for the modern web that had originally been built as Java applets. The process involved redesigning the user interface for a modern look with controls tailored for modern devices, reimplementing the original scientific algorithms with new technologies, and optimizing for better performance. As you can also see, I was allowed to reimagine some of the graphics and art assets used, and I'd have to say that was one of my favorite parts, even if it was minimal. All of the work I did is available open-source on GitHub.

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Birthday Poems:   I like to write short stories and light-hearted poems from time to time, but I hardly ever find a use for them, so most of them never make it past the first draft. But the ones I do always put to use are birthday poems. I like writing funny, rhyming poems for friends and family on their birthdays. Oh, that sounds fun to you? Oh, but you don't have time/skill/care enough to write your loved one a tickling birthday poem? Well, my government always taught me to throw money at the problem, so mayhap I'll extend you this same advice. And it just so happens that you're in the perfect position to capitalize on this proposal. You see, I can offer you my services for a small fee. Shoot me a message with "Birthday Poem" in the subject line, and we can talk.
Other jobs:   Need a ghost writer for that book you've always wanted to write but don't actually want to write but really just want your name on? Need a ghost rider for your Sleepy Hollow-themed dude ranch? Need a new label for your ranch dressing bottle that your customers will find interesting to read? Need to dress up your About Us page with a fantastic new back story (because your old one was entirely fantasy anyway)? Pshh, I'm not going to lie to your customers for you. But I do like to add life to dead words. If you've got a job for me, contact me with "Writing Job" in the subject line.

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